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A tsunami of variants?

From a premature victory declaration over COVID-19, now India is under the ruthless grip of the enemy in new disguise. After curtailing to less than 10,000 daily cases towards the end of the first wave, now a staggering over 350,000 daily cases and nearly 3200 daily deaths! Neglect on mitigation measures, worse policies and inadequateContinue reading “A tsunami of variants?”

Variants Of Concern- a nightmare coming true?

Viruses mutate when they make more copies in host cells- there is nothing unusual about it. Mutations are changes in genetic material (DNA or RNA) that may cause changes in the coded proteins. These processes are not something bizarre happening to SARS CoV2 virus, such coping errors happen when genetic materials (DNA or RNA) are replicated.Continue reading “Variants Of Concern- a nightmare coming true?”

Beginning of the end!

It’s been more than a year now, that we came to know about the SARS CoV2 virus and the COVID19 disease. In the absence of an effective antiviral drug for this pandemic, vaccine is the way out. Several vaccine candidates came out with remarkably high efficiency from the clinical trials in a record time andContinue reading “Beginning of the end!”

A virus that changed us!

SARS-CoV2, a tiny string of RNA made of mere 30 thousand molecules (ribonucleotides) wrapped in a membrane stolen from the host, changed the behavior of us humans! Today, we walk around wearing masks, do frequent hand washings, soak in sanitizers, we feel nervous if someone next coughs or sneezes, and are socially distanced from otherContinue reading “A virus that changed us!”

Updates on COVID-19 and a solution to control spreading

Corona wave and its resurgence In spite of the predictions that, this viral fever may subside in later months from its start, COVID-19 is surging worldwide even after 7 months. Earlier it was more prominent in the Northern hemisphere now it is escalating in the South. While Europe is starting to breath after the destructiveContinue reading “Updates on COVID-19 and a solution to control spreading”

Viral vectors; our friends, not foes!

The word ‘virus’ recalls unpleasant thoughts of maladies like small pox, rabies, AIDS, Ebola, flu (no need to say, nowadays COVID-19) that killed millions of people in the history of mankind. Not all viruses are villains that cause deadly diseases, some even help us to cure illness (yes, seriously!). By utilizing cutting edge molecular biology techniques, weContinue reading “Viral vectors; our friends, not foes!”

Saviours of our life from deadly pathogens

Vaccines are powerful weapons in our arsenal against many fatal viral diseases. Eventually they became vital for our survival against several deadly pathogens. Vaccines saved millions of lives from deadly diseases like polio, measles, mumps, rubella, rabies and we globally eradicated disease like smallpox (almost eradicated polio by last year). Once a virus enters ourContinue reading “Saviours of our life from deadly pathogens”

COVID-19 origin conundrum

Along with a viral outbreak, many conspiracy theories emerge-it is unavoidable. Conspiracy theories flourish and spread even more virally than the viral disease. More interestingly, such conspiracy thinking may not disappear even after the outbreak subsides. If you look at the history of AIDS, vaccines, or any novel therapeutic interventions in the past, you mayContinue reading “COVID-19 origin conundrum”

Briefings on the hidden enemy

Previous blog ´War against a virus´ was on the general features of the virus. Here I try to feed the information regarding the virus (SARS CoV-2) and the disease it causes (COVID-19), which may help you to understand better this hidden enemy. Science is on the learning curve for this novel virus. For that reason,Continue reading “Briefings on the hidden enemy”