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Updates on COVID-19 and a solution to control spreading

Corona wave and its resurgence In spite of the predictions that, this viral fever may subside in later months from its start, COVID-19 is surging worldwide even after 7 months. Earlier it was more prominent in the Northern hemisphere now it is escalating in the South. While Europe is starting to breath after the destructiveContinue reading “Updates on COVID-19 and a solution to control spreading”

Saviours of our life from deadly pathogens

Vaccines are powerful weapons in our arsenal against many fatal viral diseases. Eventually they became vital for our survival against several deadly pathogens. Vaccines saved millions of lives from deadly diseases like polio, measles, mumps, rubella, rabies and we globally eradicated disease like smallpox (almost eradicated polio by last year). Once a virus enters ourContinue reading “Saviours of our life from deadly pathogens”